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Mediterranean Food & Good Mood

Hungry and Angry

Have you ever felt hungry and angry at the same time? This is highly probable as food directly interacts with one’s mood and feelings. Food and mood are just a letter apart. It’s a delicate relationship, and it can spin out of your control if you’re not conscious about it. 

Research has shown how sugary and fatty food increases depression and even anxiety. A vicious relationship exists between sugar and overcoming bad mood. It happens when you consider a sugary diet as your staple comfort food. It is what you seek every time you feel sad and anxious. However, you can break this vicious cycle by eating traditional healthy food which can really boost you up. Several researches have actually revealed how eating enough portions of fruits and vegetables to feel happy and uplifted.

Food & Mood 

Studies have expressed how depression is a lot lower among those who are into traditional diets like a Mediterranean food-based diet. Scientists account for this difference because these traditional diets tend to be high in vegetables, fruits, unprocessed grains, fish and seafood. It also contains only modest amounts of lean meats and dairy. They are also void of processed and refined foods and sugars. These foods when fermented act as natural probiotics. The good bacteria that you get from this traditional diet influences your digestion and helps in the absorption of energy for the body and brain.

Mediterranean diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil and lean protein. Eating fish, chicken which are low in unhealthy fats are associated with lower blood pressure, stable blood sugar and better cognitive function.  As to mental health, Mediterranean food as a healthy choice reduces the risk of depression as it uplifts physical health, stabilises a person’s mood while maintaining a happy disposition.

Final Thoughts

It is time to start paying attention to how eating different foods makes you feel. Eat right and be in the right mood for good! A happier person is more likely to crave for healthy foods.  

Eat Mediterranean food and experience a good mood. Care for your physical health and also for your mental health!

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